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Contact Us While Closing Your Business

The COVID-19 pandemic continues crashing the economy, especially talking about our country. It has been almost 3 months since the global population stays quarantined and many businesses had temporarily closed their doors. Since the pandemic escalated in March, more than 100,000 local businesses have been down permanently and at least 7.5 million are at high risk of closing permanently their doors in the next months if the coronavirus pandemic continues

Wipe and Secure Your Mobile Devices

So, you “delete” your data, but what happens to those “deleted” files? Time ago, I deleted some pictures in my old iPhone because I was running out of space, but I was shocked when I bought a new iPhone, and then all those "deleted” pictures suddenly came back to my phone. I was in doubt about if I had sold my phone without wiping data because I only deleted data, but it could just appear in my old phone just as it happened to me. Fortunately, I had no confidential or private data, but at this point, I feel afraid about how harmful an event like this could be.

Back to School: Refurbished computers

Kids are back to school, and with online classes, they will need at least a tablet or a laptop to continue with this process. Being parents, we are under the task of finding IT equipment according to our children’s needs. If your son loves to play online games, you could surprise him with a big gaming monitor, and it will be great for both school and fun. You can also be a little bit extra and get him an extra monitor. If you prefer to go simple, get him a laptop, and it will be portable and easy to go with you wherever he goes.

Sony Promises the PS5 Event to Come Soon

Sony has already revealed their new console which is the PS5. The company has been reveling some specs, such as Dual Sense controller, the logo, SSD storage and some energy-efficient initiatives which are not yet known. Like most video game companies, Sony pushed back its scheduled event this week after the digital showcase was postponed in solidarity to the Black Lives Matter protests. Now Sony had assumed that the gaming event will be as soon as possible.