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Recycling is a Top Priority for tech giants

It is unbelievable how much we can do with just a simple click. Tech has been part of our lives since many years ago, but it became a top priority since the beginning of the pandemic. Social distance just turned tech devices into our teachers, colleagues, and even our friends. We had already learned that our servers are much more than plastic and metal. Even if it is new or obsolete, every IT asset is valuable because of its precious elements such as aluminum, gold, lithium, etc. Remember that e-waste is different than regular waste, you cannot just throw your non-functional devices in the trash.

Cisco Phone System

It has been many years since the launch of the very first phone system. The first telephone would never fit in your jean’s pockets nowadays and therefore the first cellphones were created. Older generations will always remember the unbreakable Nokia or the great Motorola. They were such a trend, but it was time to create a smarter device that could be extra helpful. Twenty years ago, we would never think how much a tiny smart device could help us. With our smartphone, we can use uber eats, WhatsApp, Waze, and I'm still wondering how we used to live without these things.

Technology in Teaching and Learning

The coronavirus pandemic has been showing us the importance of technology in the education sector. Most of the learning centers across our country remain closed, which means that we have millions of children learning from home. Learning from home is great because you will always be able to learn comfortably from your home. We all agree that online classes are more satisfying than going to school, but this is not as easy as we think. Using modern digital learning tools in virtual classrooms can contribute to the creation of dynamic and lively lessons. Globalization and digital transformation demand students to acquire the necessary tech skills to succeed in their future jobs.