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ITAD vs. Recycling

ITAD vs. Recycling

Disposing of our old electronics can represent a complete challenge since there are thousands of different disposition alternatives. As an ITAD professional company, we want to give you a hand so you can make a well-informed decision while choosing between ITAD or recycling services.

The ITAD sector provides a wide range of services, such as responsible management of e-waste, data destruction, shredding services, buyback and selling of IT equipment, etc. The main intention of ITAD services is to retrieve the maximum profit from your unwanted devices while protecting the environment and minimizing e-waste rates. Also, ITAD companies sell warrantied used networking equipment without the brand-new price tag.

In contrast, the recycling industry is an excellent alternative for those outdated, obsolete, damaged, or non-functional devices. Even when those old devices do not have any reselling value, they contain toxic and valuable materials that must be recycled. By recycling our old or obsolete equipment, we are directly contributing to the recovery of valuable metals, chemicals, and plastics that can support the manufacturing of new equipment.

Both are excellent ways to start going green, but choosing between recycling or ITAD services must be based on your equipment condition, age, functionality, etc. Whenever you are looking for ITAD services, GreenTek Solutions will always be glad to partner with your company!!! Our services will make the disposition game easier by putting money back in your pocket, protecting your data, and reducing e-waste to create a safe and better environment. We offer different professional services tailored to your IT needs and your budget.

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