Sell Used EMC Equipment

Sell excess or outdated EMC IT assets

Get paid for the residual value of your EMC storage equipment

Your EMC storage equipment might be a few years old, however, it still has value through our EMC buyback program as we offer competitive compensation for excess or outdated EMC assets.

If you’ve upgraded your IT assets, changed your technical requirements or simply have outdated EMC storage equipment, we can purchase your excess EMC equipment, offering quick, competitive compensation! When you partner with us, you’ll not only regain residual value, but free up space in your business.

To get started with the EMC buyback process, send us a list of EMC products, including quantities and model numbers, and you’ll get an accurate quote in 24 hours or less.

Who We Buy Used EMC Storage Equipment From

Whether your business has 2 employees or 200,000, we’ve partnered with similar companies, working directly with IT directors, CFOs, MISs, CIOs, CTOs and IS Managers to recapture the value of EMC equipment and provide them with fair, fast payment.

Why Our Clients Sell Us Their Used EMC Storage Equipment

When organizations are no longer using their EMC storage equipment due to upgrades, business closure or changes in requirements, they want to get the maximum value possible while working with a team of experts, which is why they contact Greentek Solutions.

Committed to bringing maximum value and a great client experience, our team brings more than 30 years of experience to accurately appraise EMC storage equipment and identify a way to pay maximum value to our clients.

EMC Storage Equipment We Purchase

When your EMC storage equipment is no longer useful to you, we want to give you the opportunity for a buyback so you can reclaim its residual value. To make the buyback process even easier, our team can provide nationwide coverage for removal and transport of your EMC storage assets, including data destruction, e-waste recycling and more.

And, if you need to purchase refurbished EMC IT assets, you can get in touch here or call 713-590-9720 to purchase from our EMC product experts

GreenTek Solutions’ Passion for Long-Term Partnerships

You’ll immediately see the difference when working with our team because our culture is driven by long-term partnerships and mutual benefit. We work to provide maximum payments and fair pricing, not short-term gains, because we want to build relationships for life. For our clients and partners around the globe, it has meant always having a trusted resource when it’s time to buy or sell their EMC storage equipment.

Purchase Refurbished, Warrantied EMC Equipment

If you are ready to upgrade or expand your EMC product portfolio, we sell refurbished EMC storage products at prices far below the cost of new equipment. By offering a confidence-inspiring warranty and in-depth testing and quality control process, you get like-new equipment at amazing prices.