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Living in the year 2020 allows us to look back and appreciate how years ago tech was not considered an essential tool. Talking about business in the 70's and even in the 80's owning an office with dozens of computers and Wi-Fi was only for big companies because those were the ones who could afford this expense. Same with machines, they were only for those big industries. Fortunately, the manufacturing process has been changing and now the work process is done mainly by AI and different kinds of machines.

Bestseller: Electronic and Technology Items

Online shopping is about to start collapsing. The reason why is because people are still quarantined, and shopping online is almost inevitable while being home not doing much.

People are not able to go out to the mall and shop as they did before the pandemic. The servers are really crowded because shopping online has become one of the most popular actions that users enjoy as a hobby and for necessity.

How to Properly Decommission a Data Center or Colocation “Colo” Data Center

If you’re considering a data center decommission, it could be because your IT assets are outdated, your business and technical requirements have changed or your organization is moving your data center to the cloud.

No matter the reason behind your data center decommissioning, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing how to inventory, remove and, if necessary, destroy or recycle your used IT equipment.