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Category: IT Articles

Facebook Data Breach

Days ago, Facebook was under a new data breach. The leaked information included numbers and emails from more than 533 million users, and it remains published in a hacking forum. Even when the company stated that this information is from a previous breach, the security experts continue reviewing the case. Even when it did not include sensitive data, the event affected both the Facebook Company and some users.

Computers: Donate, resell, or recycle

For many years, computers had been there for processing, storing, and displaying information to us. Many materials inside your computer are environmentally toxic but valuable, so all the copper, gold, etc. can be recycled. Whenever your old computer is ready for the next step, it will be essential to remember that you cannot just throw it away due to its toxic materials.

Reasons to Sell your Used Servers

I invite you to take a minute and think about your unused equipment. With thousands of new IT hardware released every year, sometimes we collect equipment instead of using it. I know it would be impossible to live without tech, but it is time to start analyzing our lifestyle. Instead of collecting three servers, it would be more helpful to get one that truly meets your requirements. Please do not wait until your unused equipment becomes e-waste to dispose of it.