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175 million IPv4 addresses

We frequently hear about data breaches in social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. It was only a couple of weeks ago when Facebook was again under a data breach.

Most of the time is about minimal data breaches, but considering all the information they have access to, the event could represent an exponential risk to our privacy. It would be impossible to close all our social media accounts and escape from the internet because we need it for work, school, and even to update our car.

GPU: Graphic Processing Units

The first time I read about a graphic processing unit, I thought it just worked like a regular CPU because both parts are essential for all computers, but now I know they are totally different. A graphics processing unit (GPU for short) processes different pieces of data simultaneously to display high-resolution images or videos on the screen. In contrast, a central processing unit (CPU for short) purpose is performing many tasks almost instantly.

Dell and its Sustainability Targets

Our society throws away 50 million tons of e-waste each year. This amount seems questionable, but unfortunately, it is a reality that has been destroying our planet over the last decade. It is also required to consider the impact caused by the tech industry because most electronic devices contain many toxic materials such as metals, plastics, or chemical substances. It would be impossible to stop manufacturing computers, but at least we can try to minimize the impact caused by those tons of e-waste.