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Recyclable waste

Recyclable waste

In the most developed countries in the world the method of recycling is active and with significant growth.

It depends on where you live, some districts offer to recycle your garbage without doing, basically, nothing, since they are in charge of waste management.

Other places require separating your assets on your own, paper in a tray, cans or plastics in another, or some combination of these.

What garbage is considered recyclable?

  • Glass bottles (these can be recycled or reused to store things in the house).
  • Plastic bottles (these are one of the main items that are discarded, and that should not be done).
  • Plastic bags (all those stored grocery bags can be left in the store to be used again).
  • Paper and cardboard (cardboard boxes can be reused as a garbage basket or as a basket and recycling, they are also used to store useful materials).
  • Aluminum cans (yes, aluminum foil counts can be reused).

What are atypical recycling items?

  • The batteries (not good for the environment).
  • Electronics (these materials can be stripped of parts or metals).
  • Hazardous waste (chemicals that can seep into groundwater and soil.
  • Demolition debris (remnants of construction sites can be used to build something else.
  • Metal (in addition to aluminum cans, you can recycle aerosol cans, steel containers, and so on).
  • Motor oil (very dangerous for wildlife and our health if disposed of improperly, so it is necessary to take to an oil recycling center).

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