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Case Studies

How GreenTek Helped A Fortune 50 Retailer Streamline ITAD Across 1,150+ Locations

The bigger a business is, the more complex their ITAD needs tend. Coordinating operations across hundreds of locations and team members is a monumental task and, for most companies, previous ITAD projects involved dozens of vendors, requiring extra effort to receive reporting and payment. The disjointed process always creates frustration, confusion and delays.

How GreenTek Helped a Retailer Recapture Their IT Investment on 10,000 Assets in 1 Year—Without a Single Item Going to a Landfill

Just because a company shutters its retail locations doesn’t mean the work ends then and there. As a company shuts down, there’s significant effort put into properly finalizing operations, from negotiating lease breaks to issuing final paychecks to processing IT equipment.

How GreenTek Helped a Client Create a $180K Upside—While Remaining HIPAA Compliant

When most companies think about ITAD services, many assume it’s an expensive, unavoidable cost they pay to upgrade their hardware and dispose of old equipment. However, you can actually generate substantial cost savings and drive revenue, if you have the right ITAD vendor partner. Discover how a health system achieved $180K in annual upside by changing ITAD vendors—and why they’re still working with GreenTek 8 years later!

How GreenTek Decommissioned A Full Data Center with 4,000 Assets in Just 5 Days—While Following R2v3 Guidelines

Whether a company is transitioning to the cloud, moving to a new data center or shutting down operations completely, a large decommissioning process is always a daunting challenge to execute due to its complexity and potential cost.