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How It Works

How It Works

Technology drives every business and organization, no matter the industry or size of the company. That’s why having the right IT equipment in place can make all the difference, giving you the speed, storage and capabilities you need.

It’s also one reason companies work with GreenTek Solutions, a partner that makes sure their clients have all they need by selling refurbished IT assets, buying back unused and excess equipment and recycling e-waste, plus providing valuable services like data destruction, reverse logistics and more.

With nationwide coverage, GreenTek Solutions focuses on clear communication, accurate estimates and helping clients meet their business goals by having the right hardware in place, whether that requires bringing in new equipment or removing assets that are no longer useful. GreenTek takes on a variety of time consuming and difficult to execute tasks while remaining cost-effective.

In every client relationship, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, GreenTek focuses on transparency and offering the competitive rates on both refurbished equipment for sale and on excess assets for buyback—but the differences don’t stop there.

Why Do Clients Work With GreenTek Solutions?

When it comes time to sell, buy or dispose of IT assets, businesses look for a partner with the experience, capabilities and expertise they need to be successful. With more than 30 years of combined IT experience, the GreenTek team differentiates itself with a focus on customer experience and building long-term relationships, giving companies a go-to partner for IT equipment.

Importantly, GreenTek Solutions team members take a highly professional approach to everything they do. Holding extensive insurance and training policies for a staff of IT experts, clients are protected from a variety of risks associated with IT disposal or equipment buybacks, including data breach insurance, pollution insurance, commercial general liability and extensive training for team members in safe data handling and more. GreenTek’s focus on safety, security and risk reduction means every precaution and step is taken to do the job right, adhering to EPA standards, HIPAA compliance and other third party certifications.

The “green” in the GreenTek name isn’t by accident. For businesses that value environmental protection and proper disposal of e-waste to avoid fines, our team follows the most stringent disposal and recycling practices, including EPA and R2 (responsible recycling) guidelines. Clients are never at-risk for regulatory, financial or reputational liability due to improper e-waste disposal because GreenTek knows how to properly discard all IT equipment, from servers to phones to laptops and more, preventing e-waste from ever entering conventional landfills or causing ecological damage.

Unlike many ITAD providers, GreenTek Solutions’ quotes are accurate, honest and cost-effective, designed to provide value and savings to clients; they include all possible fees or considerations with services like data destruction or inventorying provided at no-cost, a major source of both cost and time savings. So, when it’s time to upgrade, sell or dispose of IT assets, you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay for equipment or earn back in residual value.

When you are purchasing new servers, laptops, networking equipment or other vital business tools, GreenTek Solutions helps companies avoid paying high retail prices by selling warrantied, refurbished hardware that passes a strict inspection and testing process. Plus, for clients who are utilizing GreenTek’s buyback program, they can apply the residual buyback value to the purchase of refurbished assets, further lowering their investment in new IT equipment.

And, because GreenTek Solutions offers a wide variety of IT services all across the United States, businesses have an all-in-one partner, no matter if they’re scaling up or scaling down their IT needs. Knowing that buying, selling or disposing of IT equipment can be complicated, GreenTek also prides itself in being accessible for questions and guidance, providing honest and objective feedback.

What Other Services Does GreenTek Solutions Offer?

In addition to IT equipment sales, buybacks and recycling, GreenTek Solutions offers helpful, complementary services that make life easier and help businesses navigate the sometimes confusing world of IT equipment.

To ensure proper data security and prevent data breaches, GreenTek Solutions offers a full chain of custody report and on-site data destruction, whenever necessary or required by client procedures. While partnering with especially data sensitive organizations in the healthcare, legal, corporate or government space, our team is trained to ensure full data destruction through hard drive and tape shredding, data erasure and more, making it impossible for data to fall into the wrong hands. Ultimately, we can provide a certificate of data destruction for additional peace of mind, adhering to strict data rules including HIPAA compliance.

Additionally, our team can come onsite to decommission data centers and remove outdated or extra IT equipment, handling cable removal, inventorying, packing and transport without impacting other business functions. It’s the easiest, fastest way to begin upgrading your data center and clear out old hardware without having to hire multiple vendors or manage the process on your own.

Specializing in Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Apple, EMC, Juniper, Brocade and NetApp products, GreenTek Solutions can handle any IT needs, from massive corporate data centers to small businesses and everyone in between.

Who Does GreenTek Solutions Help?

Because every business relies on technology, GreenTek Solutions’ clients range from oil & gas companies, Fortune 500 corporations, law firms, education providers, healthcare organizations, retail and other IT experts, allowing GreenTek to understand and master the needs of specific organizations and provide recommendations based on experience.

Typically, GreenTek Solutions works directly with business leaders and IT teams, providing a consultative approach for how to best navigate selling or disposing of equipment and which refurbished equipment will best meet that business’ needs. We add value at every step.

Ultimately, we build long-term relationships with our clients. Being the go-to ITAD partner is our goal for both new and existing client partners, which motivates us to make every IT asset disposition, buyback or sales process as seamless and positive as possible. Through a smooth buying or selling process and a friendly, communicative customer experience, it’s clear why so many clients come back to us again and again.

How to Work with GreenTek Solutions

GreenTek’s buyback program makes it easy to sell used or excess IT assets and regain a portion of your initial investment. To begin the buyback process, note all model names and serial numbers and take clear photos of every item. Next, reach out to the GreenTek team to request a quote. Within 24 hours, you’ll have an accurate estimate of the total value of your IT assets, receiving payment quickly if you choose to work with GreenTek. Additionally, our team can provide packing and transport services for outdated IT assets and handle all data destruction and e-waste disposal to prevent data breaches and pollution. This is the easiest way to put some money back into your company’s IT budget and time back into your schedule.

When you need to upgrade your IT equipment portfolio and purchase new items, avoid paying the high price of retail! GreenTek’s team of experts refurbishes gently used equipment—from servers to laptops to networking equipment and much more—choosing only quality assets that pass a rigorous testing process. When purchasing refurbished IT assets from GreenTek, you’ll get warrantied equipment with a full guarantee at a fraction of what you’d pay for new equipment.

And, when it comes to additional offerings like data destruction, equipment inventorying, datacenter disposition and other necessary IT services, GreenTek follows the same promise of fast, fair and accurate quotes and helpful guidance. Unlike most ITAD providers, GreenTek considers these vital services no-cost value adds, important parts of a great customer experience and proper ITAD business.

Because every client's needs are unique, contacting GreenTek for more information or a quote is the best first step to discussing your specific goals and requirements. Get in touch here or call 713-590-9720.

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