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Contact Us While Closing Your Business

Contact Us While Closing Your Business

The COVID-19 pandemic continues crashing the economy, especially talking about our country. It has been almost 3 months since the global population stays quarantined and many businesses had temporarily closed their doors. Since the pandemic escalated in March, more than 100,000 local businesses have been down permanently and at least 7.5 million are at high risk of closing permanently their doors in the next months if the coronavirus pandemic continues.

“We are going to see a level of bankruptcy activity that nobody in business has seen in their lifetime. This will hit everyone, but it will be harder for small businesses since they don’t have a lot of spare cash”, said James Hammond, who tracks bankruptcy trends.

The COVID-19 crisis is having a devastating effect on all social and economic sectors, for this many entrepreneurs have been closing their business or attempt to do it. We are conscious that closing your business can be a difficult choice to make, but if you will be doing this, GreenTek Solutions offers these services to handle this issue with any electronic equipment:

Safe & Efficient Computer Recycling Company

GreenTek Solutions LLC is your best choice for handling your computer recycling. After purchasing your company’s e-waste, we will safely break down and demolish the materials while following a strict, environmentally responsible procedure according to EPA protocol. Our company specializes in buying and disposing of e-waste: data equipment that is no longer usable.

Data Destruction

GreenTek Solutions LLC also provides many other services such as Data Destruction Certificate, Hard Drive Shredding, Data Wiping, Mobile Data Erasure, Certificate and Reporting, Tape Shredding.

We are dedicated to safe, regulated computer recycling and e-waste disposal. Contact us today to partner with us! 713-590-9720.

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