Best Place to Sell Used IT Equipment

R2v3 Certified

Get fair market value for your used IT equipment and recapture residual value from your phone system, computers, laptops, PCs, servers, storage equipment, routers, switches and more.

Your old or excess IT equipment may no longer have technical value to your business, but it does have residual value you can recapture—and you may be surprised by just how much it’s worth.

Through GreenTek Solutions’ IT buyback program, you can liquidate your old IT equipment as our team handles IT asset disposition and IT asset management, the easiest way to safely and legally get rid of your IT equipment—with a full data erasure guarantee.

Why GreenTek Solutions’ clients choose us when selling excess IT equipment

Not only do you get fair market value offers on your IT assets, our team can help free up physical space by managing the removal and liquidation of your IT equipment, providing legal e-waste disposal for outdated items.

Plus, your data is always safe. As a NIST 800-88 compliant vendor that follows strict regulations, we provide our clients with legally documented reports and a certificate of destruction to verify data is safely destroyed.

Discover the value of your excess IT equipment and put your data destruction in safe hands with our cost-effective, green solution to IT assets.