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8 Steps GreenTek Solutions Takes to Ensure a Successful ITAD Process

How to sell your unused IT assets for maximum value while ensuring data security, environmental responsibility and full transparency.

When it’s time to upgrade your IT equipment, transition to cloud services or dispose of EOL assets, you have to get it right from beginning to end.

It’s vital to take the right steps to ensure you not only reclaim as much of your initial investment as possible, but ensure you avoid data security, compliance and environmental issues that can come from improperly led ITAD processes. With 30+ years of combined IT experience, GreenTek has developed a proven 8-step process that ensures you maximize your returns on hardware while meeting your unique requirements.

Here's how it works:


Understanding Your Scope

Before the process even begins, GreenTek has in-depth conversations with clients to fully understand the services they require and how to add the most value. Because no two ITAD processes are alike, GreenTek team members invest extra time in analyzing needs and providing upfront guidance.

At this phase, many clients are surprised to discover GreenTek’s ITAD services are typically provided at no-cost to them, utilizing an upfront purchase, revenue-sharing or sort and settle structure. What is often expected to be a cost transforms into cost-savings and revenue generation with GreenTek!

After developing a thorough understanding of scope, GreenTek presents an offer to the client, defining terms for equipment resale, recycling, timelines and requirements.


Collect & Transport Equipment

Now, the work begins. GreenTek either goes onsite to decommission, pack and transport the equipment or coordinates a freight service to handle logistics. A PO number is created so the client and GreenTek can track items, even across multiple locations or concurrent ITAD projects, via real-time reports.


Weigh & Receive Assets

Next, GreenTek’s ITAD pros receive the IT assets at HQ, weighing and categorizing every container. This data is added to the ERP system along with the location of every container. GreenTek is big on quality processes and organization, hence a recent ISO 9001 certification.


Sort & Inventory Equipment

Now begins the meticulous process of scanning the make, model, serial number and asset tag of every item that arrives, up to 7,000 assets at a time! At this phase, the team determines which items are fit for resale or recycling. For data security, the team separates all data-bearing devices from the inventory and documents them in the ERP, immediately storing them in a secure cage surrounded by cameras and protected by limited keycard access.


Test, Repair & Refurbish Assets

After determining which assets can be resold, GreenTek begins the in-depth testing and wiping process, directing any nonfunctional equipment to recycling. At this phase, items are safely cleaned of dust and dirt, a step that ensures maximum value during the sales process.


Data Wiping and HDD/SSD Shredding

In tandem with Step 4, the wiping process for data-bearing devices occurs in the secure storage cage. Each data-bearing item is tested following the same process, however, any device that cannot be wiped is destroyed by an Ameri Shred Corp shredder before the remains are sent to recycling. This step is critical for data safety—and leverages best practices tested by frequent audits.


Market & Sell Products

With every device tested, reset and wiped—or directed to recycling—the GreenTek sales department gets to work on achieving the highest sale price by leveraging expertise in marketing IT assets. Using eBay, BrokerBin, UNEDA, GreenTek’s online store, wholesale or direct sales to end-users, the optimal sales channel is chosen based on items, value, quantity and demand.


Pack & Ship Items

The moment an item is sold, GreenTek’s ERP is alerted to ensure customers receive the item quickly, leading to faster payment for ITAD clients, too. Immediately pulling the item from inventory, packaging it carefully and transferring the item to the shipping department, the devices are cleaned and inspected once more. Finally, a tracking number is uploaded and shared with the purchasing customer.


Recapture IT Investment

After completing the previous steps in approximately 30-45 days, the next step depends upon the agreement between GreenTek and the client and which revenue-generating strategy they’ve chosen:

  • The fastest way to recapture an IT investment, GreenTek and the client negotiate an upfront agreement and, after the ITAD process is complete, GreenTek purchases the assets directly, providing payment just days after completing the ITAD process.

  • For clients with a mix of new, old or unknown equipment, the Sort and Settle option works well. After “sorting” through the assets, GreenTek and the client “settle” on an agreed purchase price. Just like the upfront payment option, clients receive reimbursement within days.

  • To maximize sales revenue, GreenTek engages in IT asset remarketing via effective sales channels. Clients receive ongoing quarterly reporting until all items are sold, plus detailed breakdowns of sold items, sale prices and more, clients receive a quarterly summary showing unsold items.

Through this effective 8-step process, GreenTek clients recapture substantial IT value and receive payments for both resold and recycled items while saving thousands by avoiding the high fees of traditional ITAD vendors.

If you’d like to learn more about how GreenTek can make your ITAD process a profitable, efficient success, get in touch now.