Electronic Recycling

E-Waste Recycling

An environmentally safe and certified e-waste recycling service to help companies legally and responsibly recycle IT equipment.

When your IT or computer equipment reaches the end of its life and there’s no resale value in the secondary market, that’s where GreenTek Solutions e-waste recycling service comes in.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, GreenTek Solutions follows EPA and R2v3 (responsible recycling) guidelines to recycle and dispose of outdated servers, laptops, cell phones and other forms of e-waste.

As a certified and insured company, GreenTek Solutions prevents pollution and saves companies from steep fines due to improper e-waste disposal, carrying extensive policies to prevent client liability.

Why is proper e-waste disposal so important?

Not only do companies pay pricey penalties for improper e-waste disposal, there are dramatic environmental and health risks to consider, too.

When disposed of in a landfill, IT assets eventually deteriorate, releasing toxins and carcinogens like mercury and lead that can easily reach the soil, groundwater and nearby communities, leading to major health issues.

However, through GreenTek Solutions’ responsible e-waste recycling service, companies can rest assured their IT assets and equipment are safely disposed of according to R2v3 guidelines and EPA regulations—and that their data is safely handled and destroyed with a certificate of destruction.

From servers and laptops to printers to audio/video equipment and more, let our team help yours responsibly dispose of e-waste through an eco-friendly recycling program that prevents fines and pollution.