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Our company specializes in buying and disposing of e-waste: data equipment that is no longer usable or sell able. We break them down in a safe environment with the appropriate tools while following a responsible procedure. Under this environmentally conscious procedure, we safely remove the base materials that can be sold and recycled to create other products. All EPA protocol is followed during the process.

What Happens When E-Waste Isn’t Safely Recycled?

When the parts eventually deteriorate, toxins and carcinogens (linked to diseases and life-threatening illnesses) permeate the environment and the community’s health and lives are then at risk. E-Waste Recycling companies that fail to dispose of toxic materials safely are at risk of being heavily fined and penalized. Make sure you are working with a trustworthy disposal company like GreenTek Solutions LLC to responsibly handle your e-waste recycling.

GreenTek Solutions is ready to take on your computer disposal needs along with IT asset management, brokering, purchasing excess IT equipment, data destruction, and environmental disposal of IT assets. We have the expertise and means needed for e-waste recycling of a variety of IT equipment (servers, laptops, printers, audio/video, etc.)

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