Data Destruction Certificate | R2v3 Certified

A destruction certificate is a formal document that contains detailed information on the destruction of your documents and that guarantees that the destruction process complied with all security laws. These certificates help protect your company in case of legal action or an audit.

What can we destroy?

The services that GREENTEK SOLUTIONS LLC offers in terms of secure data destruction are not limited to computer equipment, we have a wide range of secure destruction where we can destroy mobile phones, magnetic media, obsolete or defective products, servers between others.

We offer the same quality and security in the destruction of electronic data as in the destruction of IT assets that may be sensitive to business security.

In addition, we issue a detailed and legal certificate of destruction.

Data center removal or decommissioning

GREENTEK SOLUTIONS LLC has experienced staff to help you dismantle your data center which will support your company in each step of the process.

Whatever the turn of your company or small office, we work with you to offer you the services of elimination and destruction of data adjusting to your needs. We handle each of the data center dismantling projects, from start to finish.

Remarketing services

On some occasions, the assets of the companies no longer meet the operational needs of the business, but still retain their residual value.

At GREENTEK SOLUTIONS LLC we buy your most used data center equipment, not only do we get the most out of your assets and thus save even more by eliminating the maintenance of old or obsolete equipment.

GREENTEK SOLUTIONS LLC puts at your disposal its team of professionals in dismantling and removal of assets and if your equipment does not have any commercial value, we offer you our recycling services with destruction certificates.