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Texas Hard Drive Shredding Company

Greentek Solutions LLC provides secure onsite and offsite hard drive shredding services in Houston and throughout Texas. We destroy hard drives, solid state drives “SSD”, tape drives, USB flash drives, data tapes, and any data related items in your business. Clients use our destruction services especially, to help prevent information stolen and identity theft, and to support brand protection strategies. We will customize a hard drive shredding service that is specific to your needs, provide regular service, or provide a one-time purge service. We proudly serve businesses, municipalities, banks, hospitals, schools, military bases, and individuals.

How Does It Work?

We offer onsite and offsite shredding services.

Onsite – We will come to your place and shred all data bearing devices while you watch. Everything will stay under your supervision until it gets physically destroyed.

Offsite – We will come to your place with our secure bins and fill them up with all the data bearing devices that need to be destroyed. Once done, we will lock the containers and the truck for transportation to our warehouse. As soon as the truck arrives those bins are then taken to our destruction area for shredding.

With us you can have the most effective and confidential hard drive shredding, every time, at an affordable price. Throughout the entire process, we safeguard your data by maintaining a chain of custody that is longer and stronger than what you will find at other local shredding services.

Destroy Hard Drives, Solid State Drives (SSD) & Electronic Media

We provide a secure, reliable service to permanently destroy electronic data and make the information unrecoverable. We have the best, most efficient technology and we completely destroy any data platform entrusted to us. We are expert at disposing of the remaining materials in an environmentally sustainable manner.

  • Hard drives
  • Solid state drives “SSD”
  • Tape drives
  • USB flash drives
  • Destroy ram chip
  • Destroy data tapes, video, audio, and computer
  • Films
  • CDs & DVDs
  • X-rays
  • Data cards & Discs
  • Credit cards & ID’s
  • Photographic files

What Type Of Shredder Do We Use?

At GREENTEK SOLUTIONS LLC, we work with high-performance crushers of the Ameri Shred Corp brand. With the AMS-150HD-SSD model

We have a equipment with which we can crush rotary and solid state hard drives, in addition to backup tapes, DVDs, cell pones, tablets and various types of electronic waste. We also shred server units.

The model we use for crushing has a double head cutting chamber that will crush solid state drives on one side and rotating hard drives on the other.


More about our shredder

Our shredder has a solid-state slot. If you shred solid state drives through a regular hard drive shredder, the chips holding your information could still be recovered and in theory your information too.

With our shredder that will not happened. It is specifically designed to physically destroy the modules containing your information. Ask your current vendor if they have the capability. We have the right solutions for your problems.