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ITAD + Carbon Neutrality

ITAD + Carbon Neutrality

We encourage you to take a moment to analyze how much we are polluting our environment. It is already time to start contributing to waste prevention.

We have already talked about the importance of carbon neutrality, but today it will be about ITAD being carbon neutral. ITAD companies are experts in providing green solutions to e-waste and IT assets problems under the highest environmental and social responsibility standards.

How can an ITAD company become carbon neutral?

Second-hand saves CO2.

Prolonging the life of electronics would contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. Repairing, donating, or selling will let your equipment have more owners before finally being retired. We are also contributing to the increase of e-waste when we dispose of our IT equipment instead of repairing them.

Reuse of equipment

Any time we reuse or recycle IT hardware, we are directly decreasing the demand for resources used in the manufacturing of new electronics.

The reusing of equipment might involve the recovery, repair, reuse, and remarketing of parts or the whole unit. Redeployment will allow to take the equipment or parts of it back to their environment.

Material recovery

IT assets must be recycled whenever their useful lives end because they contain harmful but valuable materials such as tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold. Material recovered in old electronics could be used for manufacturing new devices, so this means that the impact of mining virgin raw materials will decrease.

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