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Fully recyclable shoes in Switzerland

Fully recyclable shoes in Switzerland

At GreenTek Solutions, we care about the earth preservation, and are always operating under green practices that will not be harmful to the environment. It is amazing to see that other companies such as us, run at the same green statement.

On Running is a swiss shoe company, that stands out from the rest because of their subscription service. When we hear the word “subscription”, we immediately think about receiving emails almost day-by-day leaving us completely annoyed of it. On Running’s subscription is the complete opposite and will provide you with a replacement shoe once the previous have worn off.

Cyclon is the name of this subscription service, and it is only £25 per month. In addition to the low price, every pair are fully recyclable performance shoes. This service is amazing. After all, you will not need to buy more than one pair of shoes, because every time that a pair needs to be replaced, you just ask for a replacement on their website, and they will automatically pick the old ones and send out a new pair of shoes. Cyclon shoes are elaborated with castor beans material and only come in white because dyes are not used through the manufacturing process. Both specs make the product completely recyclable shoes, and the aim of returning old shoes is to turn them into a zero-waste product.

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