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IT Asset Disposal: When and How?

Upgrading electronic equipment is not easy because we always have the same questions: when and how should I decide on IT asset disposal? Many answers and many of them are wrong, but it is essential to recognize that disposal processes must be certified and performed by an expert. The process will be the same with every single IT asset, no matter if your equipment is obsolete, unable to support your needs, or if it is no longer working.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

All humans are born with rights that protect our health, security, and education, but, what about the environment? Does the environment have rights? Of course. Environmental protection matters and it has many legal standards and rules that protect it. It has been only 20 years into the 21st century and look around to see your kids playing with virtual reality consoles, smaller smartphones, and even robots cleaning floors.

Carbon Neutrality

Have you ever heard about carbon neutrality? The world we live in is in constant change, and they are great, but we need to look for and adopt a sustainable lifestyle. We follow trends, and sometimes we do not realize how harmful our actions could be to the environment. It is time to start prioritizing the environment and adopting green methods.

What would you like to Dunzo today?

Have you ever wanted your day to last longer than 24 hours? Sometimes because of the thousands of tasks to be performed every day, more than one person does not have enough time to finish them on time. All we can do is go through the essential things first, and if we have enough time, we will go to the supermarket at the end of the day. Luckily, thousands of apps pick the groceries up for us and here is when we thank tech for making our lives better every time.