Secure Data Erasure of iOS and Android Mobile Devices

The SSD units of which they are composed, most mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, etc., are more difficult to erase than a normal hard drive, especially because of the way in which file systems are structured to prevent excessive wear of the SSD.

As it happens with hard disks or USB memories, the information of the mobile devices, can be recovered, if it has not been erased safely. Data recovery on a mobile device is as simple as going to the "temporary" folder.

You should always keep in mind that your personal and professional data stored on your mobile phone or your tablet must be erased correctly and safely, before selling them, transferring them or sending them for repair.

A simple restoration of factory parameters or a manual deletion of data can have bad consequences, because all this data can be recovered, fall into unwanted hands and use them to impersonate your identity or sell information about your company.

GREEN TEKSOLUTIONS LLC offers a professional service for the safe, correct, profitable and ecological removal of information from your iOS or Android devices, for your company and your personal devices.


At GREEN TEKSOLUTIONS LLC we work with a software, that has been tested, certified, approved and recommended by more than 15 governing bodies and leading organizations around the world.

"No other data removal software can boast this level of compliance with the rigorous requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities and independent testing labs. The SSD solution ensures that data is written to the full logical capacity of the SSD (and not just compressed) with overwrite passes using random data. "

GREEN TEKSOLUTIONS LLC guarantees that your data will be erased from any mobile SSD device with a certified solution. We ensure that your confidential data will be deleted "permanently".

Each deletion is verified and certified, resulting in a tamper-proof removal certificate to demonstrate compliance with local, national and global data protection regulations.

Count on the security offered by GREEN TEKSOLUTIONS LLC for the safe erasure of each and every one of your computer equipment as well as all personal and business mobile devices.

At GREEN TEKSOLUTIONS LLC we are confident that we can help and advise you in each and every part of the ITAD process, call us, WE HAVE THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOU.